Feber Quad Galaxy 6volt for age 1-4 The Injusa Rally Race car, 6volt model for age 2-5
Boogie Pink Car for age 2- 5   6volt


BigFoot Blaze Racer for age 18 months to 3 years, 6volt 2in1 can be used without battery, also has sounds.

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The Injusa 6volt Farm Trac for age 1-3
The Injusa 6volt Cyclops Quad Fire for age 3-6
This is a 12 Volt Model
The Matador Jeep 2 seater, 12 volt Pink
The Injusa Boogie Rallye Blue 6volt car for age 2-5
The Corsair Buggy for age 3-6

This Magic Fairy bike has a 6 volt battery & charger, it is operated by a foot accelerator. It has an electronic brake that stops the motor as your youngster releases the power. It has a forward gear only. It seats one child age 1 plus.

This is a 12 Volt Model
The Pontiac Solstice 12volt Breeze two seater for age 3-6

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Fisher Price Power Wheels
Dora the Explorer
Little explorers will love driving Dora?s cute 'n sporty battery-powered 4-wheeler quad, with cool cargo rack on the back

Injusa 6volt Typhoon Quad Bike for age 1-3
6 volt Quad Kripton for age 2-4

This is a 12 Volt Model
663 Cyclops Mega quad, 12volt for age 3+

6volt Pretty Girl Jeep from Injusa

Special Offer

This is a 12 Volt Model
12 volt 2 seater Vindicator for age 3+

Quad Cobra for age 3-6

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About the Feber Tandemcar Adventurer rechargeable battery operated jeep.


Flashing Lights and sounds

Flashing lights
and sounds

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          Quad Nitro 6volt age 1 - 4

Disney Pixar Cars
6 volt Disney Pixar Cars Quad Nitro for age 2-4