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The Quality.
INJUSA was the first Spanish company of the sector that achieved the standardisation ISO 9001:2000. This guarantees the follow-up of all our productive process as well as our daily efforts for the continuous improvement. This standardization is a worldwide acknowledgement when talking about quality.


Injusa ride on innovations

The Safety
There is nothing more precious for a parent than the safety and well being of a child

As toy manufacturers and parents ourselves, we know perfectly well whom our products are addressed to and what standards they should comply with. Providing fun and entertainment, promoting child development and the achievement of new skills, and above all, safeguarding the security of the ones we care for most, have encouraged each one of us at INJUSA to ensure that all our products conform to the strictest safety and quality tests, thereby guaranteeing that children who use our products are fully protected against hazards at all times, as if they were safety protected in their parents' arms.

We combine the skills and craftsmanship of our human resources team with the use of state-of-the-art technology, offering our customers a complete range of quality products for children. This is our commitment and the reason why everyone at Injusa strives hard to achieve that special aim that is uppermost in our minds satisfying and protecting our most important customers - none others but children themselves.

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